Why It Pays to Be an (Informed) Active Investor

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    remember 'active' can include CHOOSING not to make a move ( but watching on anyway )

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    Mmm, I don't even know

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    Hi Sal, any knowledge about Ibex Trading platform ?

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    ** Hi Sal, any knowledge about Ibex Trading platform ? **

    no i had never heard of it until reading this post

    BTW i don't trade as you would know it

    i have a Commsec account a Bell Direct account ( both 'no frills ) and an institutional account that is currently unused

    i normally buy and later take opportunities as they come along ( to reduce or buy more ) there is usually no hard timeline to my holding times ( although i am a fan of 'forever ' just not 100% of the holding )

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    I signed up to this platform trading company Ibec, but not sure whether I continue in case they all of a sudden take my money.
    So far, have made 59 euros with my 250 euros deposit.
    My wife rolls her eyes when I do something like this as she reckons I'm a glutton for punishment after being scammed in the past by other scammers.

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    am not sure where you would even check up to see if they were legit since they are using euros

    remember FX has broken even sensible veteran international companies

    but trading in international currencies has the risks GOVERNMENTS will seize your money as well not just dodgy operators

    take care ( probably do NOT rush to throw more money into it )

    good luck

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